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FMS Model Suzuki Jimny Leaf Spring Mod and Hitec Servo Swap …

Jeremy was looking to lift up the 1/6th FMS Model Suzuki Jimny with this great FREE mod! While we had it on the bench, we thought we’d swap out the stock servo for a new Brushless Hitec with Titanium Gears so we will never worry about not having enough power. Check out the video below.Use this link to check [...]


Pro-Line 6th Scale Dual Stage 2.9 Crawling Foam

Pro-Line 1/6 Dual Stage 2.9″ Crawling Foam

For all you Axial Racing SCX6 owners out there, Pro-Line has just dropped 1/6 Dual Stage 2.9″ Crawling Foam. Sized to fit trucks like the Axial SCX6, the dual stage foams can give your truck an immediate increase in performance. Check out these highlights- * Inner made from lightweight and waterproof blue closed cell foam * Outer is made from soft open [...]


Axial Racing 6th Scale SCX6 Jeep JLU Wrangler RTR

Axial Racing Goes HUGE With The 1/6 SCX6 Jeep JLU Wrangler R…

Axial Racing is sending it HUGE with their upcoming 1/6 SCX6 Jeep JLU Wrangler RTR. This massive crawling machine is sized large enough to take on boulders, as well as insanely deep mud. Here we go with the highlights- * Large scale RTR 1/6 crawler * Two speed transmission with metal gears * AR90 “standard” axles with heavy-duty spool * Three-link front and four-link [...]


FMS Model RC 6th Scale Retro Suzuki Jimny

FMS Teaser – Insanely Detailed 1:6 Original Suzuki Jimny!

Whoa, FMS Model has been on FIRE for 2021, and now they are cranking it up another notch! Coming soon from FMS is a 1/6th scaled Original Suzuki Jimny. Not only does this retro Jimny have an impeccably scaled body, but it also brings the latest in scale tech like a moving steering wheel, SOFT Seating, and an incredibly detailed [...]


Losi 6th Scale Super Baja Rey 2.0 RTR Desert Truck

Losi 1/6 Super Baja Rey 2.0 RTR Desert Truck

New over at Losi is the 1/6 Super Baja Rey 2.0 RTR Desert Truck. The 2.0 version picks up where the original left off, offering more scale realism, plus more performance. Check out these highlights- * Spektrum Firma 8S 750kV brushless motor * Spektrum DX3 2.4GHz transmitter * Spektrum Firma 160 amp ESC * Spektrum AVC electronic stability control * Licensed Method Wheels & BFGoodrich [...]


ROC Hobby 6th Scale 1941 Willys MB RTR

1/6 ROC Hobby 1941 Willys MB RTR

Here ya go scale military fanatics, ROC Hobby has announced that pre-order is now open on their upcoming 1941 Willys MB RTR. This classic Willys will bring back many fond memories for a lot of folks with its incredible scale realism. Check out these features- * Pre-painted and pre-assembled body * Servo driven steering wheel * Functional lights * Hood raises * Fold away windshield * [...]


Kaioz RC Model Studio Scale Realistic Male Driver Figures

Kaioz RC Model Studio – Scale Realistic Male Driver Figures

Now available from the Kaioz RC Model Studio are some pretty incredible Scale Realistic Male Driver Figures. The drivers are scaled at 1/6th and are extremely scale realistic. Also of note, Kaioz gives you a wide range of different heads, clothing, and even boots, to choose from. To learn more about Kaioz 1/6 Male Driver Figures simply click the link. Click [...]


Castle 6th Scale Mamba Monster X 8S Brushless ESC

Castle 1/6 Mamba Monster X 8S/33.6V Brushless ESC

That’s right folks, Castle just dropped a new Brushless Power System for the new generation of 1/6th Scaled vehicles. New from Castle is the Mamba Monster X 8S ESC that features Castle’s CRYO-DRIVE. Check out some of the features and specifications- * Max Cell Count – 8S LiPo, up to 33.6 volts DC * Designed for vehicles up to 25lbs in weight * [...]


Capo Racing Samurai RC Scale Crawler

Capo Racing Samurai 1/6 RC Scale Crawler

Want to see the latest and greatest in scale crawlers? If so, have a look at the new 1/6 Samurai from Capo Racing. Capo Racing has been pushing the limits of scale realism for several years, the Samurai continues this trend. Here are just some of the the Samurai’s highlights- * Scale realistic hard plastic body * 1/6th in scale – easier [...]


Hobbywing Large Scale Brushless ESC RC

New Large Scale Brushless Motors From Hobbywing

For all you large scale drivers out there, Hobbywing has announced a new line-up of brushless motors for you. Hobbywing’s new Large Scale Brushless Motors were designed to give you the pulse pounding power that you desire, at pricing that doesn’t break the bank. New are a pair of motors for 1/5th scale, as well as one motor for 1/6th [...]


Losi Super Rock Rey Review

Losi Super Rock Rey Review

Coming soon to a hobby shop near you is the Losi Super Rock Rey from Horizon Hobby. A giant 1/6th scaled off-road beast, the Super Rock Rey is one of the most scale realistic bash rigs that Losi has ever released to the market. Plus, it was designed to tackle the gnarliest of off-road terrain. We’ve been wreaking havoc all [...]


Traction Hobby 1/6 KM Challenger Short Course Desert Truck

Teaser - Traction Hobby KM Challenger 1/6 Scale Off-Road Tru…

Being teased right now by Traction Hobby is the KM Challenger scale off-road race truck. Coming in at 1/6th in size, the KM Challenger is a large beast that was designed for incredible amounts of scale realism. Right now the Traction Hobby crew is not releasing details, so for now we’ll just have to drool over the pictures until pricing [...]


Losi Super Baja Rey BND

New Bind-N-Drive Losi Super Baja Rey

Announced today by Losi is a Bind-N-Drive version of their popular 1/6 Super Baja Rey Desert Truck. The new “BND” version of the Super Baja Rey allows you to save some cash by using your own Spektrum transmitter, here are the highlights- * Pre-assembled, awaiting your Spektrum transmitter and batteries * Scale realistic appearance * 50+ mph top speeds * Dynamite Fuze 1200kV brushless [...]


Rage RC RZX Buggy Review

Rage RC 1/6 RZX Buggy Review

Now hitting the market from Rage RC is the beastly RZX 1/6 Brushless Buggy. The RZX is an affordable large scale alternative that promises monstrous power, along with unique buggy styling. We’ve been bashed a RZX for several weeks to check out how it holds up, plus to see how it fits into the large scale world. Is the RZX [...]


Rage RC RZX Buggy Unboxing

Unboxing The 1/6 Rage RC RZX Buggy

It has been about a month since Rage RC announced the 1/6 RZX RTR Brushless Buggy and we are stoked to finally have one in our hands. The first thing we did once it arrived was to grab a camera and get some all important unboxing pictures. As we pulled the RZX out of the box we took a bunch of [...]