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Crazy Crawler Foams Video

So we got our hands on some new Crazy Crawler foams, so it was time to swap out the stock Axial Capra foams and put these to the test at the Crawler Canyon! If you enjoyed the video, make sure to hit that thumbs up button, and don’t forget to subscribe to the new channel while you are there.Get more [...]


Element RC Trail Tip Tuesday - Carbon Fiber Paint Effect

How-to: Achieve a Carbon Fiber Effect with Paint [Video]

If your R/C machine needs a fresh new paint job, why not deck it out with a carbon fiber scheme? Element RC has a great tip to create a faux carbon fiber effect using rattle can paints, carpet tape, and a little creativity. In their latest Trail Tip Tuesday video, the team at Element RC gives you the inside scoop on [...]


Horizon Hobby Mint 400

Video – Horizon Hobby At The Mint 400 2022

The folks over at Horizon Hobby have released a new Mint 400 2022 Video for your viewing enjoyment. The video shows off not only a bunch of Horizon Hobby scale off-road rc rigs, but also features some full scale action. From trophy style trucks, to motorcycles and UTVs, the video below does a nice job of showing what it’s like [...]


Element RC Trail Tip Tuesday - Cleaning Tires

Keep Your Tires Clean with These Tips from Element RC [Video…

Whether you bash, race, or trail drive, you probably put your tires through quite a bit of torture. After a day of fun, it’s always best to make sure your R/C machine is put away in the best shape possible, and that includes caring for your tires. In their latest Trail Tip Tuesday video, the folks at Element RC share some [...]


Traxxas Sledge Highlight Video

Video – Traxxas Sledge In-Depth Video

New from Traxxas is an In-Depth Video for their upcoming Sledge Monster Truck. Watch below to learn more about all the new features of the mighty Sledge. From its triangular chassis structure, to its 5mm aluminum shock towers, to its cast aluminum motor cradle, the Sledge was designed from the ground up to be the ultimate bashing machine! After the video [...]


Tamiya TamTech-Gear The Frog Mini Video

Video – Tamiya TamTech-Gear The Frog Mini

The crew over at Tamiya have uploaded a new promotional video for their TamTech-Gear The Frog Mini. The Frog Mini has that vintage Frog styling that everyone loves, but comes in a smaller form factor that allows it to be run easily indoors, or out. Watch below to see The Frog Mini at the park getting in some exploration and [...]


FMS Model RC Toyota 18th Scale Hilux Video

Video – FMS Toyota 1/18 Hilux

New over at FMS is a video for their 1/18th scaled Toyota Hilux Pick-Up Truck. While small in stature, the FMS Hilux is huge on scale realism featuring some of the hottest scale detailing on the market. Watch the video below to see how insanely scale realistic the FMS Hilux looks while cruising the beach and driving trails in the [...]


FMS 18th Scale Chevrolet K10 Driving In the Forest Video

Video – FMS 1/18 Chevrolet K10 – Driving In the Forest

Over at FMS Model they have released a new promotional video for their 1/18 Chevrolet K10 RTR. The FMS K10 has some pretty incredible scale detailing, watch the video below to see just how realistic it looks while driving. The video also features some iconic Bobby Seger music, the same music used during the early 1990s for the actual Chevy [...]


RC4WD Video Rusty Nail Racing Interview at King of the Hammers 2022

RC4WD Video - Rusty Nail Racing Interview at King of the Ham…

Recently uploaded by RC4WD is special interview with Rusty Nail Racing at this year’s King of the Hammers. RC4WD was a big sponsor of the Rusty Nail crew for this year’s KOH and recently they sat down for an interview. Watch below to learn more about the Rusty Nail Racing team, as well as more about RC4WD’s incredibly scale realistic [...]


Team Mardave Mini RS Video RC

Teaser – Team Mardave Mini RS

Over at Team Mardave they are now teasing their upcoming Mini RS. Designed for performance, without making a big dent in your wallet, the Mini RS is 2022 BRCA legal and is expected to start shipping later this month. You can use this link to check out the official Team Mardave Website, or you can Click This Link to read more [...]


FMS Model 18th Toyota FJ CruiserR Driving Adventure Video

Video – FMS 1/18 Toyota FJ Cruiser Driving Adventure

New from FMS Model is a Promotional Video for their mighty 1/18 Toyota FJ Cruiser. The video does a great job of showing off just how capable the 1/18th Toyota FJ Cruiser can be. From deep mud, to steep hills, the FMS FJ is more than ready for hardcore off-road adventure! After the video, you can use this link to get [...]


Join Us for Thursday Night Live!

Stop on by and say hello! We are live every Thursday night 8:30pm cst, we really enjoy chatting with all the fans, talking about the latest in RC news, upcoming events, vehicle releases, and anything else related to RC. If you stop by, make sure to leave a comment, we will try to give you a shout out, and as [...]


Carisma SCA-1E 2.1 Spec Mitsubishi Pajero XL Video

Video – Carisma SCA-1E 2.1 Spec Mitsubishi Pajero XL

The Mitsubishi Pajero XL has long been a favorite among off-road enthusiasts across the globe. Recently the good folks at Carisma released their own 1/10th version for all us rc hobbyists. With an intricately scaled body, and a very capable SCA-1E 2.1 rock crawling chassis, the Carisma Pajero XL has proven itself to be a beast when off-roading. Watch the [...]


Element RC Trail Tip Tuesday - Applying Decals

How to Apply Picture-Perfect Decals on Your R/C Machine [Vid…

Admit it, you love stickers. Throwing on a new set of decals, whether on your workspace or R/C car, is a great way to personalize your gear. Of course, there are always tricks of the trade that will make applying decals easier. In one of its latest Trail Tip Tuesday videos, the folks at Element RC give you the rundown on [...]


Tekin Clinic - Drag Brake

Tekin Clinic: Programming Drag Brake Through the ESC [Video]

Whether you’re a basher, a racer, or a trail trekker, you’ve probably heard of the term “drag brake”. If you’re new to the hobby, drag brake is an ESC-centered braking function that kicks in when there is no throttle input (in either forward or reverse). Drag brake is a helpful tool for rock crawling and trail cruising, however, it’s also [...]