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RC4WD Roll Bar Install

Hopping Up The RC4WD TF2 LWB – PART 3

The next mod in our Hopping Up The RC4WD TF2 LWB series is great for new hobbyists. For this installment we decided to install a new Roll Bar to the bed of our test truck.

Adding a roll bar can accomplish several things on a trail rig. It can help increase scale realism, it gives you a place to mount lights or other accessories, and most importantly to us, it protects the body in a roll over. Our TF2 LWB has taken numerous big hits from falling off a tall section of rocks, the addition of a roll bar will go a long way towards keeping the body in one piece. Also, as this is one of the easiest mods you can install on a truck, it is perfect for new hobbyists.

First off, we had to come up with the style of roll bar we were looking for. We ended up going with a RC4WD CCHand Roll Bar Rack for its supreme scale appearance and durability. This particular roll bar is priced at $65, is sized perfectly to fit the TF2 LWB, and comes with all the hardware needed for installation.

After we had the roll bar in hand, we gathered up all the tools we would need. With all tools in hand, we dug right in. The first task in mounting the roll bar was to mark the four spots where we needed to drill mounting holes. We used a hobby knife to mark the holes, then a cordless drill with a small bit to drill through the bed’s hard plastic. After that, we grabbed the four bolts with nuts that were supplied to mount down the roll bar. A Dynamite 4.0mm nut driver was used along with a Losi .050mm hex driver to secure the roll bar to the bed. The entire installation took less than 15 minutes and could be done by virtually anyone, regardless of how many wrenches they have spun in the past.

As far as tips go, we used the supplied hardware, but if you are really wanting to uber out your truck, some stainless steel screws from somebody like Team KNK would be in order. Also, thread lock is not included with the roll bar, but we used some anyways to ensure the screws stayed tight out on the trail.

Once fitted, of course we had to make a trail run to see how strong the roll bar was. We were not disappointed. We went out of our way to get our truck on its roof and the roll bar did an excellent job of taking some of the punishment away from the body.

We are doing a bunch more mods to our test truck, stayed tuned for next week when we post another quick and easy mod that even a scale newbie can accomplish.


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