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RC4WD Trailfinder II 1985 Toyota 4runner lost video?

Enjoy this throw back video footage of the 1985 Toyota 4runner body on a RC4WD Trailfinder II chassis. Jeremy has been building this truck for a while, and the passion he pumped into it shows! The build also has a high/low gear transmission, and detailed interior. Did our best to clean those VCR heads on the recorder, Jeremy insisted the whole thing be shot on a BETA tape. ­čśë
For all our the music haters, we tried to get some 80’s appropriate music to keep you guys happy. LOL

Enjoy this 1985 lost tape throw back!?

Want more details on the build? We have a build video here highlighting some of the details.

Make sure to hit the RC4WD Website if you are looking to do your own build.

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Posted by in video, videos on Tuesday, September 24th, 2019 at 8:26 pm