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Video Pro-Line Gladiator 2.8 Tire

Video – Pro-Line Gladiator 2.8″ Tires

Pro-Line recently announced they are manufacturing Gladiator Tires for Traxxas sized 2.8″ wheels. Gladiators are known in the bashing world for providing excellent traction on loose/loamy surfaces and the new 2.8″ size makes it easy to glue a set up to your favorite Traxxas wheels. To showcase the new Gladiators Pro-line has whipped up a video. The video not only gives [...]


Pro-Line Gladiator 2.8" Tires

Pro-Line Gladiator 2.8″ Traxxas Style Bead Truck Tires

If you are a basher then chances are you already know how well Pro-Line Gladiators work on loamy dirt. The multi-level step pin design of the Gladiators gives them great traction on the infield of your local baseball park or empty dirt lot. Pro-Line has now made the Gladiators available in a 2.8″ bead making them a perfect fit for [...]


Pro-Line Gladiator Traxxas 2.8

Sneak Peak – Pro-Line Gladiator 2.8 Tires

The good folks over at Pro-Line have just released a picture of their upcoming Gladiator tires for Traxxas 2.8 wheels. For anyone that hasn’t run Gladiators before, they are an epic bash tire known for getting great traction on loamy dirt and grass. We expect more information on these later in the week, until then hit up This Link to head [...]