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Team Corally Captic Racing Premium Buggy Tires

Team Corally Announces Captic Racing Premium Buggy Tires

All new from Team Corally is a full line-up of Captic Racing Premium Buggy Tires. These high-end race kicks were designed for maximum grip on a wide variety of track surfaces. Here are the highlights- * Designed to dominate * Perfect for the Corally Python or Radix off-road buggies * Cutting-edge engineering * Full line-up has been extensive tested * Precision manufacturing to produce a [...]


Team Corally Pit Tray RC

Team Corally Pit Tray

Shipping now from Team Corally is an aluminum Pit Tray. The Corally pit tray is one of the most high-tech on the market and was designed to help build shocks, connectors, and more. Check out these highlights- * One of the smartest parts tray in the rc industry * Many useful features for the serious rc enthusiast * CNC machined from a solid [...]


Rage RC Mini Trek Off-Road Truck

Video – Rage RC Mini Trek Off-Road Truck

The folks over at Rage RC are now teasing their micro scaled Mini Trek Off-Road RTR. Designed for big fun in a little package, the new Mini Trek is small enough to bash indoors, yet big enough to bash outside. Street pricing is expected to be right around the $89 price point. As we await more details, you can click this [...]


Team Corally 2022 Kronos XTR

Team Corally 2022 Kronos XTR

The good folks over at Team Corally have been making a big push in the basher market over the last few years. Their large line-up of bash machines have developed a solid reputation for performance and durability. To up the ante, Team Corally has just announced the 2022 version of their Kronos XTR monster truck. Designed for extreme bashing, the [...]


Team Corally Sketer XL4S RTR Monster Truck

Team Corally Announces 1/10 Sketer XL4S RTR

New and hot from Team Corally is the 1/10th scaled Sketer XL4S RTR Monster Truck. The new Sketer was designed for hardcore backyard bashing and comes with a potent brushless power system. Check out these highlights- * New level of 1/10 Monster Truck performance and durability * Platform designers emphasized chassis strength and stiffness * Ideal suspension travel and spring/dampener rates * Uses heavy-duty, [...]


Team Corally Monster Truck Teaser

Video – Team Corally Teases New Bash Truck

Oh yes, it is the time of the year for everyone to announce their new spring releases. Team Corally has been making a huge push in the bashing market over the last few years, and have done so via releasing numerous new models. Recently the crew at Team Corally posted a New Teaser Video for 2022. While the video doesn’t [...]


Panda Hobby Tetra24 X3 Portal Edition

Panda Hobby 1/24 Tetra24 X3 Portal Edition RTR

Well hello there Panda Hobby, aren’t you bringing it for 2022! The crew over at Panda Hobby is now shipping their incredibly trick 1/24th scaled Tetra24 X3 Portal Edition RTR. Now that you’ve seen it is 24th scale, you might be thinking, well, it’s just a toy. But wait, the crew at Panda takes their small scalers Incredibly Seriously. So [...]


Team Corally Xtreme Chassis Brace Kit

New Team Corally Xtreme Chassis Brace Kit

New from Team Corally is an Xtreme Chassis Brace Kit. This heavy duty chassis brace was designed for extreme bashing and is made from high quality materials. Here are the highlights- * Connects shock towers to center diff * Increases overall torsional stiffness * Significantly strengthens chassis to reduce deflection * Comes with necessary mounting hardware * Sturdy aluminum brace tubes * Fits – Dementor XP [...]


Cross RC 12th Scale DC8 8x8 Scale Military Kit

Cross RC 1/12 DC8 8×8 Scale Military Kit

After a few weeks of teasing, Cross RC has just dropped a bunch of pictures for their upcoming DC8 8×8 Military Kit. The mighty DC8 indeed has 8 wheel drive to help get you over even the nastiest sections of trail, and of course it has insane levels of scale realism. While the Cross crew has released pictures of the DC8, [...]


Gmade GS02F Komodo Double Cab TS Kit

Gmade 1/10 GS02F Komodo Double Cab TS Kit

Just announced by Gmade is the GS02F Komodo Double Cab TS Kit. The Double Cab version of the Komodo is big on scale realism, with a highly capable chassis underneath. Check out these highlights- * Steel ladder frame * Realistic inner fenders * Adjustable wheelbase * Front weight bias w/ front motor to improve climbing * Multiple battery locations * Chassis mounted servo * Stock front overdrive * [...]


Cross RC JT4 Scale Rock Crawler

Just Gonna Leave This Here – Big New Cross RC JT4 Teaser!

New being teased by the scale realism masters at Cross RC is the JT4 Rock Crawler Kit. Cross RC has become one of the leaders in the scale movement by putting out incredibly realistic off-road rigs. We have virtually no information on their upcoming JT4, but if you look at the pictures below, we have enhanced the teaser to give [...]


Cross RC 10th Scale EMO AT4V Kit

Teaser – Cross RC 1/10 EMO AT4V Kit

The crew over at Cross RC are new teasing their upcoming 1/10th scaled EMO AT4V Rock Crawler Kit. The AT4V kit is the second in their EMO line-up and comes with all the scale realism that you crave. Check out some of its pre-release teaser info below- * 313mm wheelbase * Four LED headlights w/ lenses * Daytime running lights * Metal shock bodies * [...]


Team Corally RC Ski Resort Video

Video - Team Corally Fully-Sent Monster Trucks at the Ski Re…

Team Corally has been making a huge push for 2021 with a full line-up of 1/8th bash machines. To help show off just how gnarly their new bash trucks are, Corally has just posted a new video called Monsters Trucks at the Ski Resort. Watch below to see the Kronos, Kronos XTR, as well as the Punisher sending-it hard, doing [...]


Team Corally Adjustable Pit Light RC

Team Corally Adjustable Pit Light

Shipping now from Team Corally is an Adjustable LED Pit Light. The Corally pit light is small and super adjustable, perfect for bashing or racing. Check out these highlights- * Folds to save space, also rotates * Aluminum base * Convenient touch sensitive controls * Three adjustable light color modes * Six adjustable brightness/dimming levels * 32 high power LED’s * Adjustable joints that can be placed [...]


Video Team Corally Kronos XTR Ski Jump Behind the Scenes

For all those Team Corally fans that loved the Kronos XTR Ski Jump Video, they have now released a sweet behind the scenes video of how it all went down. It’s always cool to get a sneak peak of the preparation and work that goes into making something like this happen. Enjoy the video!To get full details, use this link [...]