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Tekin Clinic - Drag Brake

Tekin Clinic: Programming Drag Brake Through the ESC [Video]

Whether you’re a basher, a racer, or a trail trekker, you’ve probably heard of the term “drag brake”. If you’re new to the hobby, drag brake is an ESC-centered braking function that kicks in when there is no throttle input (in either forward or reverse). Drag brake is a helpful tool for rock crawling and trail cruising, however, it’s also [...]


Traxxas Drag Slash How To Optimize Gearing

Traxxas – How to Optimize Gearing On Your Drag Slash

New over at Traxxas is a How To on Optimizing Gearing on their Drag Slash. Right now there are a lot of people out running their Drag Slash in ultra-hot temperatures, it is a good idea to make sure your truck is geared correctly to prevent overheating and a loss of performance. The Traxxas How To goes over optimal gearing [...]


Pro-Line Video - How To Assemble Carbine 1.9" Dually Wheels

Pro-Line Video – How To Assemble Carbine 1.9″ Dually Wheels

New from Pro-Line is a How To Video on Assembling Carbine 1.9″ Dually Wheels. Pro-Line’s Carbine dually wheels are a great way to give your next custom build serious amounts of attitude. Watch the video below to see how easy they are to mount, plus you get a chance to see how cool they look when being driven out on [...]


Traxxas Video How To Vent RC Tires

Traxxas Video – How To Vent RC Tires For Wet Conditions

Over at Traxxas they have posted a new video showing you how to expertly Vent RC Tires For Wet Conditions. When the going gets wet and soggy, or you are driving in snow or mud, water can accumulate inside your tires. This can make the tires unbalanced, as well as adding a lot of unwanted rotational mass. In the video [...]


Traxxas How To Adjust Dual Servos Summit E-Revo

Traxxas Video – How-To Adjust E-Revo & Summit Dual Servos

The crew over at Traxxas recently posted a new How To Video on Adjusting Dual Servos. The how to video is perfect for new hobbyists that are looking to learn the proper way to adjust a truck like the Summit or E-Revo, that utilize a dual servo set-up. The video is highly detailed and makes it easy to adjust most any [...]


Traxxas Getting Started in Remote Control RC

Traxxas – Getting Started in Radio Control

2020 has been a wild year for everyone, including our beloved rc industry. This year we’ve seen a huge influx of new hobbyists because of Covid-19. With so many people staying at home, the remote control hobby has really taken off again! To help all the new rc hobbyists that we are seeing, the folks at Traxxas have put together a [...]


How To Traxxas Rustler 4X4 3-Phase Upgrade

How To – Traxxas Rustler 4X4 3-Phase Upgrade

Over at Traxxas they have just posted a How To on doing a 3-Phase Upgrade to their Rustler 4×4 stadium truck. While a stock Rustler 4×4 is a blast, most hobbyists choose to customize their trucks. The crew at Traxxas have loads of upgrades for the Rustler 4×4 that are direct bolt-on parts, making them easy for everyone to install. [...]


Installed the Traxxas Deep Terrain TRX-4 Traxx Video

We recently got our hands on the new Traxxas Deep Terrain TRX-4 Traxx, and it was time to get them installed. I met up with Bill and Jeremy at a local scale crawl that was happening, tossed the new Deep Terrain Traxx to Wrench and said GO, then started to film. Sadly, the slipper let go shortly into the run [...]


Traxxas How to Pro Build TRX-4 GTS Scale Off-Road Shocks

Traxxas – Pro Build TRX-4 GTS Scale Off-Road Shocks

The crew over at Traxxas have posted a How To Pro Build TRX-4 GTS Scale Off-Road Shocks tutorial. As all TRX-4s come with premium, scale-sized GTS shocks with threaded-aluminum bodies, the tutorial shows you how to make them perform to their very best. Using a Traxxas #8262 shock rebuild kit, the TRX crew shows you all the steps needed to [...]


Traxxas 2wd To 4WD Conversion

How To- Traxxas 2WD to 4X4 Conversion Part II

The crew over at Traxxas have released Part II of their 2WD to 4WD Conversion series. This time the guys over at Traxxas provide detailed instructions on installing the electronics on your 4WD conversion, as well as showing you the proper way to set gear mesh. You can use this link to get full details on Part II of the Traxxas [...]


Pro-Line RC Shop Talk Tire Venting Video

Pro-Line Shop Talk Video – Tire Venting

The latest Shop Talk video from Pro-Line is all about Tire Venting. Watch the video below to see Pro-Line’s Vance Lund explain when you should vent your tires, and when not to. From rock crawling to racing, the video explains the ins and outs of rc tire venting. After watching the video, you can hit up this link to check out [...]


How to Install the RC4WD Winch Kit on a Traxxas TRX-4

As the scale market just continues to explode, there are a lot of people looking to add more and more accessories to their scale vehicles. One of the more popular is the RC4WD Winch. We have been hearing a lot of people are unsure about wiring it up, and what it takes, so here is a little ‘how to’ [...]


Traxxas Maximum Mud Bronco Build

Traxxas Maximum Mud Bronco Build Part 1

The folks over at Traxxas are working on a custom build for their popular TRX-4 Ford Bronco. The new build is titled Maximum Mud Bronco Part 1 and shows you how to modify your stock rig for serious performance in mud. Part 1 of the build series shows you how to bolt on larger 2.2″ tires, plus a number of other [...]


Pro-Line Hoosier Tire Video

Pro-Line How-To Refresh Hoosier SC Tires Video

The new Hoosier SC Tire Refresh Stencil Kit from Pro-Line is very cool! To show you how easy it is to refresh the Hoosier tire logo on your tires, Pro-Line has posted a handy “How-To” video. In the video they go through all the steps that it takes to make your tires look the very best that they can, while [...]


How To Rebuild An RC Brushless Velineon Motor

Traxxas – How To Rebuild A Velineon Brushless RC Motor

Here is an especially handy “how to” article- Traxxas has posted How To Rebuild A Velineon Brushless RC Motor. That’s right, if you’ve been having any sort of problem with your VXL brushless motor, the new “How To” from Traxxas shows you have easy it can be to replace a bearing or rotor, thus saving your money compared to buying [...]