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Traxxas Extreme Heavy Duty 4X4 Upgrade Kit

Traxxas Extreme Heavy Duty 4X4 Upgrade Kit

Over at Traxxas they have just posted about their Extreme Heavy Duty 4X4 Upgrade Kit. The Extreme Heavy Duty Upgrade Kit fits trucks like the Rustler 4×4, Hoss 4×4, and the Slash 4×4. For those of you that do hardcore bashing, the upgrade kit comes with a number of upgrades to help bulletproof your rig. Here are some highlights- * Extreme [...]


Spektrum RC Firmware Testers

Spektrum RC Is Looking For Firmware Testers

Over at Spektrum RC they have announced a Firmware Update Early Adopter and Beta Tester Program. That’s right, the crew at Spektrum are looking for a select group of testers to help them on their software updates. Members of the program will get early access to new features and updates, then you can give the Spektrum team feedback on their [...]


Traxxas Drag Slash

Traxxas Announces Drag Slash is Now $399

At Traxxas they have announced a new low price for their very popular Drag Slash!. The Traxxas Drag Slash is now street priced at only $399 to save you some cash. With a potent VXL brushless system, ultra-wide Mickey Thompson ET drag slicks, and Pro Series Magnum 272R transmission, the Drag Slash is ready for big fun down at your [...]


Tekno RC Summer Madness Sale MT410 SCT410

Tekno RC Announces Summer Madness Sale

Over at Tekno RC they recently announced a new Summer Madness event. Their Summer Madness sale is perfect for all you bashers out there as they have reduced pricing on their top-of-the-line MT410 monster truck, as well as their incredibly fast and durable SCT410.3 short course truck. Tekno products have long been a favorite among hardcore bashers for their superior [...]


Team Corally RC Car Safety

RC Car Safety With Team Corally

With it getting warmer each day in the Northern Hemisphere, the good folks at Team Corally have posted some notes about RC Safety. Before the brushless and LiPo battery revolution, rc cars weren’t so fast. Now days, it is easy to buy a truck that can do 60 mph+ straight out of the box. When you get a 10lbs monster [...]


Traxxas How To TRX-4 2021 Ford Bronco Matte Roof

Traxxas How To - Giving Your TRX-4 2021 Ford Bronco a Matte …

Recently posted by our good friends over at Traxxas is a How To on Giving Your TRX-4 Ford Bronco a Matte Roof. The Traxxas crew did a nice write up on all the tools you’ll need for the task, plus some information on their ProGraphix Clear Matte Finishing Spray. The matte finishing spray makes it super easy to turn paint [...]


Traxxas Spring Savings Event

Traxxas Spring Savings

Over at Traxxas they have just announced a special Spring Savings event. The Traxxas crew is ready to give customers an unprecedented value on some of their best-selling models to get you pumped up for Springtime. Check out these details- Save up to $40 on 30+ MPH 2WD Models Participating Models – Bandit (24054-1), Bigfoot No. 1 (36034-1), Stampede (36054-1), Rustler (37054-1), [...]


Brian Deegan Hit By RC Helicopter

Brush With Death - Brian Deegan Talks About RC Helicopter Ch…

Being an action sports superstar isn’t easy, and Brian Deegan knows that first hand. In Brian’s latest YouTube video he talks about what it was like filming commercials back in the good old days. On one shoot, Brian recalls being hit by an rc helicopter while going over a jump. Now days, tiny quads with plastic blades are used for [...]


Pro-Line Big Give 2021

Pro-Line’s 2021 Big Give Charity Event

Over at Pro-Line they are well into their annual Big Give charity event. Pro-Line’s Big Give is a great way to support charity, while also having a chance at winning some sweet Pro-Line gear! This year Pro-Line is giving away over $30,000 in charity donations and prizes, all in the holiday spirit! For you to get entered for a chance at [...]


Traxxas Accessory Guide 2021

Traxxas Ultimate Accessories Guide

Over at Traxxas they have put together an Ultimate Accessories Guide. The guide covers some of the most popular models from Traxxas and is a great way to learn about some of the most popular upgrades that Traxxas has to offer. Traxxas has a slew of upgrades for their models that ranges from upgrade power systems, to aluminum parts, to [...]


Traxxas Maxx Top 10 Upgrades

Top 10 Accessories for the Traxxas Maxx

Over at Traxxas they have just posted a new Top 10 Accessories list for their mighty Maxx Monster Truck. The Traxxas Maxx is a true monster out of the box, but upgrading your rig is one of the best parts of rc. To take your Maxx from mild to wild, Traxxas has compiled a list of their top 10 favorite [...]


Traxxas How To - Installing the Pro-Series Magnum 272R Transmission

Traxxas How To - Installing the Pro-Series Magnum 272R Trans…

The crew at Traxxas recently posted a How To on installing their new Pro-Series Magnum 272R Transmission. The Pro-Series 272R transmission was originally designed for the Drag Slash, but now is available to install in your 2wd Rustler, Bandit, Stampede, or Slash. The How To article goes over all the details that you need when upgrading your stock transmission, to [...]


Traxxas Drag Slash How To Optimize Gearing

Traxxas – How to Optimize Gearing On Your Drag Slash

New over at Traxxas is a How To on Optimizing Gearing on their Drag Slash. Right now there are a lot of people out running their Drag Slash in ultra-hot temperatures, it is a good idea to make sure your truck is geared correctly to prevent overheating and a loss of performance. The Traxxas How To goes over optimal gearing [...]


JConcepts Summit Racing BIGFOOT 21

Inside Look – JConcepts Summit Racing BIGFOOT 21

Over at JConcepts they are showing off their latest passion project- a highly modified Summit Racing BIGFOOT 21. This hardcore build started with an Axial SMT 10, then the JConcepts crew went to work making it into the ultimate BIGFOOT 21 build. Featuring a JConcepts 2020 Ford Raptor body, along with Renegade tires and Tribute wheels, this build is truly [...]


Traxxas Maxx Vs X-Maxx Direct Comparison

Traxxas Maxx Vs X-Maxx – Direct Head To Head Comparison

New over at Traxxas is a Direct Comparison of their Maxx Vs X-Maxx monster trucks. Both the Maxx and X-Maxx are legendary bashers, but now the folks at Traxxas have done a comparison to show you the real differences. From sturdy 4wd systems, to massive VXL brushless power, to their state of the art self righting system, both the Maxx [...]