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JConcepts 8th MT Fling Kings Renegades E-Revo Kraton

JConcepts Announces Fling Kings & Renegades for E-Revo & Kra…

New from JConcepts are Pre-Mounted Fling King and Renegades 1/8 monster truck tires. The Renegades feature a scale realistic monster truck tire look, while the Fling Kings are styled for mega truck performance. Both are a great choice for your 1/8th Traxxas E-Revo or ARRMA Kraton monster truck. Check out these highlights- Fling Kings – Yellow Compound, Pre-mounted on Silver Wheels * [...]


Scorched RC Carbon Fiber Chassis ARRMA Kraton

Scorched Parts RC Carbon Fiber Hybrid Chassis for ARRMA Krat…

Are you in the process of building the world’s sickest Kraton? If so, have a look at this new Carbon Fiber Hybrid Chassis from Scorched Parts RC. Carbon fiber is incredibly light, yet strong, and of course it sports a super trick look. The new carbon fiber hybrid chassis from Scorched RC is perfect for your next high-end Kraton build. [...]


RPM Front Bumper ARRMA Kraton 6S

RPM Front Bumper for the ARRMA Kraton 6S

Coming soon from RPM is a Front Bumper for the mighty ARRMA Kraton 6S. Like everything that RPM produces, their new front bumper is more than ready for extreme bashing. Check out these highlights- * Updated to work with all current versions * Fits V5, EXB, as well as older models * Hinge pin retainer plate * Dramatically reduces transferred impact forces to the [...]


T-Bone Racing Full Chassis Skid 6S Arrma Kraton V5

T-Bone Racing Full Chassis Skid for 6S Arrma Kraton V5

Over at T-Bone Racing they have announced a Full Chassis Skid for the 6S ARRMA Kraton V5. The chassis skid is a great way to protect your chassis when in full-send mode, plus it looks trick. Here are the highlights- * Fits 6S Kraton V5 only * Made from a heavy duty plastic * Easy to install * Designed for extreme use The T-Bone Racing [...]


ARRMA 5th Kraton 8S EXB Roller

ARRMA Announces the 1/5 Kraton 8S EXB Roller

That’s right folks, after a bit of teasing, ARRMA has officially announced the 1/5 Kraton 8S EXB Roller. This version of the Kraton 8S comes completely pre-assembled awaiting your electronics. Check out further highlights below- * King of the Kratons! * Exclusive EXB matte and gloss finish body * Numerous EXtreme Bash parts and options for extreme durability * EXB 7075 T6 5mm thick [...]


8 KRATON 6S V5 4WD BLX Speed Monster Truck

ARRMA Announces Updated 2020 6S BLX Line-Up

New over at ARRMA is the announcement of a new 2020 6S BLX line-up. The line-up included the V5 units for the almighty 1/8th scaled Kraton, Outcast, & Typhon, as well as updating to ARRMA’s 1/7th scaled Mojave. Here are the updates- * Designed fast and designed tough * New stronger chassis design – Kraton/Notorious/Typhon * New heavy duty a-arms – Kraton/Notorious/Typhon * New [...]


ARRMA 8th Scale Kraton EXtreme Bash Roller

ARRMA 1/8 Kraton EXtreme Bash Roller Speed Monster Truck

New from ARRMA is the 1/8 Kraton EXtreme Bash Roller Speed Monster Truck. The “EXB” (EXtreme Bash) edition of the Kraton comes as a roller to save you cash on electronics that you may not need, plus it comes with a number of upgrades to make it even tougher than before. Check out these highlights- * EXB-hardened components throughout * Comes fully [...]


ARRMA 8S Kraton Video

Video – Behind The Innovation ARRMA Kraton 8S

Over at ARRMA they’ve been working on a Behind The Innovation series of videos for their all conquering 8S Kraton monster truck. Below we’ve posted the first two videos in the series, both of which feature loads of inside information on the development of the 8S Kraton. The 8S version of the Kraton has been dominating bash spots across the [...]


ARRMA Kraton Snow Video

Video – ARRMA Kraton 6S Blizzard Machine

New from the Horizon Hobby Insider crew is a ARRMA Kraton 6S Blizzard Machine video. In the video below, the Horizon Hobby Insider crew took the mighty 6S ARRMA Kraton out on a snow covered day for some action video. Shod in 3.8″ Pro-Line Sling Shot tires for the video, the brushless BLX powered Kraton is a serious beast out [...]


Just Bash It RC ARRMA Kraton 8S Chassis

Just Bash It RC ARRMA Kraton 8S Chassis

Do you take your ARRMA Kraton 8S to the very limits of extreme? If so, have a look at the Just Bash It RC ARRMA Kraton 8S 7075 Aluminum Chassis. The JBIRC chassis was designed for hardcore bashing and is expected to start shipping early in January. * Fits Kraton 8S * Made from 7075-T651 aircraft grade aluminum * Main floor thickness- 4.5mm * [...]


Pro-Line Pre-Cut 2020 Ram Rebel 1500 Clear Body ARRMA 6S

Pro-Line Pre-Cut 2020 Ram Rebel 1500 Clear Body For ARRMA Kr…

For all you 6S ARRMA Kraton owners out there, Pro-Line has dropped a Pre-Cut 2020 Ram Rebel 1500 Clear Body. Pre-cut to save you time, this version of the 2020 Ram Rebel is a perfect fit for trucks like the 6S ARRMA Kraton. Here are the highlights- * Fully licensed by Ram * Comes in clear * Comes with large decal sheet * Made [...]


Amped RC Kevlar Battery Straps ARRMA 6S Trucks

Amped RC Kevlar Battery Straps For ARRMA 6S V3/V4 Trucks

Available right now from Australian company Amped RC are Kevlar Battery Straps for 6S ARRMA vehicles. If you are a hardcore basher then you already know how easy it can be to snap the stock Velcro strips, the Kevlar units from Amped RC are totally made for sending-it. * Made from a high quality woven Kevlar * Easy to install * Comes with [...]


ARRMA 1/5 Kraton 8S RTR Review

THE ARRMA 1/5 Kraton 8S RTR Review

Whoa, ARRMA just dropped a 1/5th Scaler?!?! Yes indeed hardcore rc enthusiast, ARRMA has just announced their highly anticipated 1/5 Kraton 8S RTR Monster Truck. Yes it is huge! Yes it is designed for hardcore bashing! Yes it comes with a Spektrum 8S capable SMART speedo! Yes it has huge tires! Nobody reads this part anyways, LOL, so let’s just [...]


ARRMA 8S 1/5 Scale Kraton Unboxing Video

Time to unbox the giant new ARRMA 8S 1/5 Scale Kraton! Is this the vehicle basher dreams are made of? How does it compare to the Traxxas X-MAXX? We get this beast unboxed and do some side by side comparisons! Check out the video!Read more ARRMA 8S News right here on BigSquidRC, see our first bash video as well as [...]


ARRMA 1 5 Kraton 8S BLX Monster Truck RTR

ARRMA 1/5 Kraton 8S BLX Monster Truck RTR

After a full month of teasing, ARRMA has officially announced the 1/5 Kraton 8S BLX Monster Truck. The largest truck that ARRMA has ever made, the 1/5 Kraton was designed to withstand the rigors of hardcore backyard bashing. Here are the highlights- * Massive new 1/5 design * Triangular center brace system * Laser-etched aluminum chassis * Massive 20mm oil filled shocks * Easy to [...]