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Monster Truck Madness – The Beauty of Shoe Goo

Today we are going to talk about the solid axle monster trucker’s best friend- Shoe Goo. Yes, what a sexy topic! Here’s the deal, folks. If you have a solid axle monster truck that means you probably have Clod sized tires and wheels. Outside of large scale r/c vehicles or expensive machined wheels, they are about as expensive of a set [...]


Dead Bodies RC Tire Glue DeadSticky

DeadSticky Ultimate Tire Glue

Over at Dead Bodies they have announced their new DeadSticky Ultimate Tire Glue. DB’s new tire glue is said to be next generation glue technology, have a look at these features. * Cyanoacrylate combined with carbon, kevlar, & rubber compounds * Designed for high power applications * Black in color * Needle loaded cap to prevent clogs * 950cps- great for gap bridging and sealing * [...]


Raceform Lazer Tire Gluing Jig SCT

Raceform Lazer Tire Gluing Jig For Short Course Trucks

New from Raceform RC is a Lazer Tire Gluing Jig for short course trucks. The jig makes it easy to get a perfect glue job every time. Also, the SCT jig comes with everything needed for 1/8th buggies as well. Here are some highlights- * Clincher roller designed to “peel” tire bead * Adjustable point of rotation * Anti-tighten inside wheel knob set * [...]


Bob Smith Tire Glue Review

Product Spotlight - Bob Smith Industries Ultra-Cure Tire Glu…

No doubt there are about a million different tire glues on the market. The latest and greatest is Ultra-Cure from Bob Smith Industries. We recently got a chance to try some and this is what we found out- * Some of our testers like super thin glue but the sample we received was medium, intended to set in 5 to 10 [...]


Gluing Pro-Line RC Tires

Gluing Tires with Cubby

While I highly prefer to save time by using pre-mounted tires, gluing tires is still a part of our wonderful hobby. For you old timers, you can glue up a set in your sleep, for you new hobbyists, it isn’t nearly as hard as some people (like me) make it out to be. I recently got a set of Pro-Line Gladiator [...]


Pro-Line pro-bond tire glue

New Pro-Line Pro-Bond Tire Glue

Today’s ultra high powered brushless vehicles mandate the use of quality tire glue. All that beautiful brushless torque and power just love throwing tires off the rim. The crew over at Pro-Line have just announced their new Pro-Bond tire glue. The new Pro-Bond glue features not only a hold strength of 3,200 PSI, but also comes with an improved [...]


traxxas tire glue

Traxxas Tire Glue

The folks from Traxxas want to make sure your tires stay on at high speeds! Welcome the new Ultra Premium Traxxas Tire Glue that is Certified for 100+mph use! That sounds like a nice challenge we might have to put to the test. The PR says it’s the only glue certified for the Traxxas XO-1. You can hit the [...]


Phin Design Buggy Tire Jig

Phin Design 1/8th Buggy Tire Gluing Jig

Have you wasted far too much of your life gluing up 8th scale buggy tires? Yes, me too. To our rescue comes Phin Design with their new 1/8th buggy tire gluing jig. This new tire jig takes all the work out of gluing buggy tires, check out THIS video to see just how easy it is. Street price is $38 [...]


Bob Smith Industries

Bob Smith Adhesives Booth

There is only one brand of CA glue we use here at BigSquid, Bob Smith Industries. Not only is it some of the best glue on the market, it is also some of the most affordable, a total win-win combination. It was nice seeing the Bob Smith crew at the HobbyTown USA show, their booth is always full of smiling [...]